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Guatemala_Coffee_Farming A Direct Approach

I'm Kevin Sinnott, producer of the series Mission Coffee Can and premier coffee brewing expert. I believe in Direct Trade Coffee. Direct Trade is when coffee roasters buy straight from the growers, cutting out both the traditional middleman buyers and sellers.

Direct trade is mutually beneficial for everyone. It creates a relationship between the individual producers or cooperatives in the coffee-producing countries and the consumer. With direct trade your roaster can attest to the quality of the coffee, the fairness to the farmer regarding price, and looks out for environmental concerns. I support NCC's Best because the consumer knows that the money they spent reflects good values, is specialty quality for great tastes, leaves the land better than before and gets a great price.

NCC's Best pays growers 2.5 times above the Fair Trade price. Mission San Lucas puts the profits they earn right back into the community building schools, medical centers and housing for the farmers.

Not that Fair Trade is bad. The certification requires growers to be part of a cooperative, a requirement that rankles some independent-minded, successful growers. Whereas fair trade certification assures that farmers will receive a minimum price, any margin above the minimum cannot be guaranteed by fair trade organizations because they do not negotiate these margins.

In the series we look at San Lucas Mission farms following "healthy environmental practices". In episode six, Kristina's Coffee Farm Tour, we discover how the coffee is farmed. That herbicides and pesticides are not used and farming methods protect both the land and the farmer. Tree maintenance of forest is explained. In episode three, Labor Day, the tree project run by the Mission shows how environmental awareness is important in the community.

As the concept of direct trade is spread with the sale of coffee the world's second largest commodity can other products and services far behind? With Mission Coffee Can I've endeavored to produced a quality series about coffee that I took directly to the public. The question I have for you is what would you like to see? If you were producing a second season of Mission Coffee Can what do you think should happen next? What do the students still need to learn about coffee, business and marketing?

What I'm suggesting is a new idea. Why should the people in Hollywood have all the fun. I'd like real people to become directly part of this production. Tell me your ideas for new episodes. Who should be the sponsor for next season? Should it be another coffee equipment manufacturer or a completely unrelated product or service? Do you know who I should contact? Let create Mission Coffee Can II together.

Three Things You Can Do:

  1. “Like” Mission Coffee Can on Facebook
  2. Spread the word. Please share this message with a least 10 people and ask them to do the same. Please use the power of your address book and the web to spread this message. Today more than ever before, we can achieve on a broad scale and be part of a large online movement for direct trade.
  3. To learn more about coffee and coffee brewing, please visit http://coffeecompanion.com

Thank you for helping.

Coffee Kevin

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